Gem Guardian


Battle results are decided by the aura of the Guardian multiply by the dice number that the player rolled plus or minus 20% ( this depends on the element; dominant element will plus 20%, weaker element will minus 20%, same element will have no effect) In addition, the win or lose of the dragon will also plus or minus another 20%. The final calculation will be the battle points. The side with the higher battle point wins the battle.
Minimum needed amount is 5 Gemg token to buy a starter pack that contains 1 Guardian and 1 Gem. Maximum amount of Guardian per account is 4 and there is no limit to how many Gem and Spell that a team possess. Gem tokens will be decided by market price.
Gem can be purchased in Gemguardian resale. After the resale it will be listed on Pancakeswap in which dates will be announced soon.
This is to protect the price of Gemg and make sure the circulating supply does not increase too fast.
Gemg is locked on the account for 15 days. Any withdrawal of Gemg token will result in a 30% early withdrawal fee. If you do not want to pay the penalty, you can stake Gemg tokens into our staking pool and accrue interest.
Gaming reward is calculated by the Aura of the Guardian, the level of the Guardian, and a factor of the gas cost on bsc network.
A loot box is a box where you pay Gemg tokens to unlock and receive a surprised gift. Your gift will be totally randomized, from level 1 Guardians to highest level of Dragons.
By playing more and increasing levels, Dragons, and spells your rewards will increase.
There are 2 options; Normal Mode and Luck Mode 1) Normal mode is where you can battle friends or people that is online. Each player will agree on the amount of Gemg token wager or items to wager on. The winner of the battle will take all minus small fee. 2) Luck Mode is where both players will just roll the dice and higher dice number will take the wager minus small fee ( Guardians element, level, and dragons will not be factored in the result of the battle)
Marketplace auction is where players can sell their leveled up or rare Guardians and Dragon. There will be options to choose the duration of the auction, starting price, and how many participants can make an offer. The proceeds will be in Gemg and subject to a small fee.
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Men Tshirt

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Men Hoodie

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